Random Thoughts #150 - the "civic" edition

Hello and welcome to this very special edition of DJ's Random Thoughts.  I have been waiting a very long time for this particular edition to come out, not just because it's the 150th one but because this is the moment where things are going to start to change.  It's not going to show right away but once I say what I'm going to say which I've been cryptic about and kept very close to the vest for a long time now except for a few I've let in, everybody is going to know what I've been up to and, more importantly, where things will be going for yours truly and maybe others as well.  Instead of just having it in written form like I've been doing for all these years, I'm just going to tell you...in my own words:

 -  The news is out.  My dream has finally been revealed.  DJ's Random Thoughts is eventually going to become a show.  The video above is just a small sample of what I'm aiming for but it will definitely have much more than that.  I'm aiming for this to be an online show but I am formatting it for potential TV viewing as well if that ever happens...for all we know, television might go the way of the dodo but I'll format for it anyway.  It will come out on a regular basis once I get enough segments filmed to make several shows ahead of time...with some segments added in as I go if there is a timely issue or event happening.  I'm planning on episodes happening weekly or bi-weekly but definitely more of a regular basis than this blog has been for a while.  Now, I could have been okay with just keeping this as just a blog or even making a hybrid.  It would have been safer and in some cases it would have been easier.  However, there are things that I've wanted to do in DJRT that I couldn't put down in just written form or at least not in a way that my writing could effectively express.  I wanted people to actually see some of my journey and share a bit of my world, to see the things I experienced, to see scenarios and even some skits I've had in my head, to do interviews with people that captured my attention either currently or at some other point in my life, and potentially even show off not just some of the things I do and I see but that of some of my friends and family...for example, one of my friends showing off something they do or talking with me about their lives and experiences.  I've also found that people tend to prefer to watch stuff rather than read it.  Even with all that, I'm keeping the name "DJ's Random Thoughts" for the show because, one, it will be a continuation of what I've been doing with the blog all these years and, two, I've invested a lot of time and attention with the name and did not want it to go to waste.

Now some of you are probably asking, why turn it into a show?  There are a lot of reasons on top of what I've already laid out earlier.  This is actually a combination of many of the dreams I've had throughout my life.  A few years ago I was inspired to take pieces and parts of all those dreams and put them together to create one new dream in which this is the result.  Something I haven't much talked about before is that I've worked in both radio while at OSU and online streaming TV through Crossroads World Christian Center.  Even though I was shaky at doing both at those times, I found myself immensely enjoying those experiences and learned a lot from them.  Being in media was something I could actually envision myself doing.  There is one other big motivation for me in pursuing this.  As many of you know, for most of my life I haven't had much in the way of life goals or a life focus.  I've had my general ones, like dating, maybe marriage and children, hoping for a good job, etc., but nothing really set in stone.  That has frustrated many people along the way, including teachers and especially people in my family.  I had done tons of soul-searching over the years but I just couldn't get anything going on many fronts or find or be anything that was worth being or doing.  A lot of it had to do with stuff that I've gone through in my life, much of it I've already talked about in DJRT.  During probably one of the roughest periods of my life...come to think about it, when haven't I had one...anyway, a few years ago so many things and events happened during this one period that instead of me just going through those events and surviving them...I actually got inspired...a particular person here, an event there, but I got really inspired.  Ultimately, I discovered what I really wanted in my life and from it.  I wanted to do something with my life that was worth doing, that was worth it for me to do, that I could do regardless of whether I was rich or poor (I've been more of the latter), that would let me feel good about myself in the process, and that could make me happy overall.  A lot of events throughout my life have been out of my direct control or I would have some control but was always reacting to someone or something else, so starting around then I really started wanting a life where I could control my destiny or as much of it as I possibly could.  I got sick and tired of having a life where things could be easily taken from me at a whim.  I've had too much of that.  This dream of mine is a huge motivation to pursue that life.  I've been waiting years just to get to the point where I could go after this and working on and producing that video and seeing it become a reality makes me want it even more.  I didn't want to reveal this to everybody until now because there's a lot at stake for me personally and I've put a lot into not just the decision to go this route but the work I've already put into it.  I've done such reveals before but without anything to back up my intentions, but here all of you get to see where I'm going.  I've had a ton of doubters throughout my life and I'm probably going to have some here, but this is different...this is for me, from me, by me, about me, whatever me...the doubters and haters can suck it.  I am so excited about this and I can't wait to get this really going.

 -  As I mentioned in the video, as much as I've worked on to make this happen, I am definitely gonna need help and am officially asking for it.  I've actually asked for very little before...mainly prayers or even to be left alone...but I think this is definitely the time to ask for it.  At this point, while I'm still doing some ground work on the show, all of you can help by subscribing to the DJRT Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter pages...links are on the right and the web addresses are also listed in the video...as well as donating to DJRT via Paypal with the link posted beneath the Twitter feed on the right, listed under "Help Out DJRT", to help me get some of things I'm going to need to make this happen.   Those who have donated in the past are listed in the credits under Special Thanks in the video because they've already helped to make this happen and now all of you can too.  You can also check out and buy stuff from the DJRT Store found in the link above.  Speaking of the store, I've mentioned this before but I am also seeking feedback on the last couple edition pics in the upper left hand corner of each edition as well as this one (it's a parody, folks...don't worry, I don't have that kind of ego...yet...heh heh heh).  You can go back and check those editions out to see them but I can also show them on the social media pages individually if that's how you want to see them...that means you'd have to subscribe to those pages to do so, so that means it doesn't just benefit me for you all to subscribe but it does for you all as well.  For the most part, I will be working on the graphics and the editing of the shows myself...I hope you all like the ones I did for this edition's video...but once the show gets going I will be needing volunteers to help me out.  I'll be looking for those who want to work behind the scenes, mainly camera work but other potential things as well, and those who want to be on camera, maybe hosting or acting or background or whatever I might be looking for in some particular segment.  There is lot of potential here with the upcoming show and I hope it comes sooner rather than later.  In the meantime, like I mentioned in the video the blog is going to continue on until the show is ready to go.  Again, just to make it clear...I will be replacing the blog with the show and I am extremely excited about it.

 -  Not only is this the 150th edition of DJ's Random Thoughts but this week is the 6th anniversary of the namesake of the blog.  I would recommend going back and reading some past editions...who knows, you might have been mentioned in them.

 -  Before I go on, there was something I was going to talk about in the last edition that I said I was going to talk about but then I had a brain fart and completely forgot to.  ESPN has apparently demoted Mark May from it's main college football coverage show.  For those of you who don't know who Mark May is, he was an analyst who has been notorious for hating on, putting down and criticizing Ohio State football at any available opportunity.  He was very biased in his presentation to the point where even former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz called him out on it to his face on one of ESPN's other college shows.  He really had an ax to grind and it got under many an OSU fan's skins, yours truly included.  He was really going hard against them during this past college championship and bowl season coverage.  It was really bad and I'm thinking that this bias must have become more obvious to ESPN bosses and maybe an embarassment to them as well because I have not seen or heard him on any of their programming since a couple days before the national championship game which, of course, Ohio State won.  Let's face it...Mark May needed to take his head out of his ass and also take his foot out of his mouth...that's right, he was just a messed-up pretzel of player-hatin'...seriously, don't actually try to visualize that, it's a gruesome image...and maybe this will be a wake-up call for him to change.  I'm not counting on it but one can hope.

 -  Now back to the reason for this edition's subtitle.  One of the things I've been wanting to do for a long time, especially in relation to the potential show but generally for me personally, is re-engage myself in volunteering and civic involvement.  I haven't really done this in a long time mostly due to circumstances but I've had the itch to do so and there may be some opportunities opening up on that front in the near future.  One thing I am definitely doing is volunteering at the Soap Box Derby later next month.  I've been considering other opportunities as well...maybe the Red Cross for disaster relief if I can get a few more things and even political involvement again.  I've been averse to it for a while now but I'm getting the itch once again and I've been keeping my ear to the ground on that front more than I have in the last decade or so.  I don't know what I would be doing within the political sphere especially since past participation had worn on me before but I am definitely not the same person I was when I did it then.  I have a better idea what and who I stand with (I always knew what I stood FOR, but who to stand WITH was vexing) now so I'm thinking I might be able to do things differently this time around.  I haven't made a final call on that yet but I'm getting there.  I'm not sure what I will be doing overall but I will say if anybody wants to volunteer with me or stand with me on whatever, please let me know.

 -  Peaceful Journey:  The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, passed away last week at the age of 69.  Honestly, I thought he was older than my parent but I was wrong.  Anyway, he was probably one of the best ever talkers in the pro wrestling world and was really good at engaging an audience with his trademark style.  His rivalries with Harley Race, Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen are legendary in the wrestling world.  I'm not sure there will ever be another like him.  I was able to see him live at the first live professional show I went to back in 1987 for the NWA at the JAR arena at the University of Akron main campus.  He wrestled Lex Luger who was in the Four Horseman at the time as well as the United States champion.  He didn't win the title there but he did win it at the Starrcade event a few weeks later.  You never forget your first wrestling show and it was a blessing to be able to see him live and in living color, as he might say it.  Rest in peace and peaceful journey, American Dream.

 -  You all will probably hear about this more in the next month of so but on August 7th through the 9th, the state of Ohio is having a sales tax holiday on certain purchases throughout that entire weekend.  You can buy any eligible clothing item that is $75 or under without having to pay any sales tax  and for eligible school supplies and instructional materials that are $20 or under.  It is done per item and not per purchase so let's say you want to buy some clothing and one item is $74.99 and another is, say, $25.00.  You would only pay $99.99 because it is on individual items $75 and under, not for the total purchase.  All stores in the state of Ohio have to participate in this because it was signed into law that they have to...no exceptions.  I'm not sure of everything that is eligible but you can go to the state of Ohio website to find out or you can just wait for the news to report what you can buy.  It is definitely an opportunity for many of you who might be in need of clothing or supplies for school to wait until that weekend to save a little money.  You'll probably be hearing more about it in the coming weeks but I thought I'd give you all a heads up on that.

 -  As if one time weren't enough...another mayor in Akron has resigned.  Following Don Plusquellic's much-needed exit from the position, his replacement Garry Moneypenny resigned within a week of having the job due to sexual harassment while he was being congratulated by a female city employee.  Within one month's time, there were three different mayors in the city of Akron.  Jeff Fusco is the current mayor but he will not be in the uncoming mayoral election in November.  That means that unless something else major happens, there will have been four different mayors who have either served or been chosen to serve in the calendar year 2015.  I found a shirt on a website for a local clothing store that sums up what I thought about all that:

 -  Last week the Cleveland Cavaliers had their season end at the hands of the Golden State Warriors with a loss to them in the NBA Finals.  It was a hell of a run for the Cavs who had a lot of momentum going into the series but an injury to PG Kyrie Irving and a ton of blown and suspicious calls from the refs killed any chance of Cleveland winning it's first national championship in over 50 years.  The blown calls were so bad and so obvious that I'm thinking there was a conspiracy of some sort to keep Cleveland from winning.  That's the conspiracy theorist in me talking but I have to wonder why things went down the way they did.  Oh well...the "wait til next year" thing continues.

 -  A couple days ago, former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor joined the Cleveland Browns as a possible wide receiver.  He's had trouble at the quarterback spot with past NFL teams he was on so he saw the writing on the wall and decided to change positions.  I believe based on his size that he could end up playing tight end or even the H-back where teams might have to worry that he might throw the ball on a trick play.  He would at least be an emergency quarterback, but obviously he would have to make the team first.

 -  I want to congratulate my friends Alan and Melissa on finally getting married a couple of hours ago.  It's been a long time coming and that time is now here.  I'm really looking forward to the reception this weekend.

 -  Song on Repeat:  "Queen of Hearts" by Juice Newton.  This was a song I heard an awful lot of in the 80's.  I remember specifically hearing it a lot when I would go camping up at Mill Creek Campground on Berlin Reservoir.  Any time I even get close to that direction, I would hear that song in my head.  I would remember that as a kid and also getting Pac-Man stickers at a local store...I thought that was one of the coolest things.

 -  Shoutouts:  Bob, Lynn, Dave & Sarah, Mary S., Cory, Ron M., Patrick, Ron U., Brandon, Jay, Stan, Alan, Melissa, Stephanie, and Ernest W.

Well, that's it for this very special edition of DJ's Random Thoughts.  I've waited such a long time to be able to tell everybody what I've been up to all these years and it feels good to finally get that out there.  For those of you who have been along for the ride for any of the past 150 editions, thank you so much.  There's a lot more coming down the pike to look forward to and I hope you all will continue to ride along with me down the road.  Until next time, folks.  Take care and God Bless.