Here are links to some of DJ's favorite web sites on the internet.  They include those belonging to some of his friends and organizations he associates himself with as well as those related to his hobbies and general interests.  All links open up in a new tab or window depending on your computer browser settings.  Check them out:

Personal Interests
 The Ohio State University   The Ohio State University
      One of the largest and prominent institutions of higher learning in the United States, this university is located in Columbus, OH.  This is where DJ attended college and earned a Bachelor of Arts in sociology in December of 2004.
 The Cleveland Browns Home Page   Cleveland Browns
      This is a football team which plays in the National Football League.  It has been DJ's favorite football team since he was a small child.  He hopes they win the Super Bowl within his lifetime.
  The Crew - Ohio   The Crew - Ohio on Facebook
      This is a Facebook page of the nightlife, the dancing, and the club and bar activities and adventures of a group of clubgoers past and present which I am a part of.  It covers places and folks in both central and northeastern Ohio spanning nearly two decades.
 The WBB Home Page   Westerville Browns Backers
      This is the official website for the Westerville Browns Backers, the Westerville, OH chapter (official chapter #87) of the Worldwide Browns Backers, the official fan club of the Cleveland Browns.  DJ was a WBB member from 2007 to 2011 and served as vice president from 2009 to 2011.  Their meeting place is currently at Jimmy V's Grill & Pub in uptown Westerville.

DJ's Friends & Family
 Snap Snap Yap Yap - Dawn Deeks Photography Blog   Snap Snap Yap Yap
      This is the official blog of Dawn Deeks Photography.  A professional photographer who has worked with National Geographic, Dawn Deeks is also a graduate of Tallmadge High School (like DJ) in Tallmadge, OH.
 Anna Kuhn - Salon Lofts   Anna Kuhn - Salon Lofts
      DJ's friend Anna Kuhn is a skin care specialist who offers spa services at All About You Esthetics located on Polaris Parkway in the Polaris shopping area north of Columbus, OH.
 Mr. Zub's Deli   Mr. Zub's Deli
      This is a deli chain with stores in the Highland Square area of Akron, OH and the Water Street Tavern in downtown Kent, OH that serves up some delicious food.  DJ's friend Micah Townsend is a chef at both locations.
 Evolve Insurance Agency - Stacey White   Evolve Insurance Agency - Stacey White
      This is an insurance agency that serves the Southwest Florida region where DJ's cousin Stacey White is the principal agent.  It provides all types of personal and commercial lines of insurance.

General Interests & Links
 DC Comics   DC Comics
      This is the official website for DC Comics of which DJ is a fan.
 The Freebie Blogger   The Freebie Blogger
      A blog dedicated to freebies and low costs items and services found around the internet.  DJ has found very interesting and sometimes useful things from time to time here.
 Cheaters (TV Show)   Cheaters
      The official website of the TV show "Cheaters" hosted by Joey Greco.  Focusing on catching infidelity as it occurs on camera, this is one of DJ's favorite TV shows.
 Tough Love on VH1   Tough Love
      This is the official website of the television show "Tough Love on VH1" (The link is for Season 5...the "Co:Ed" edition).  Hosted by professional matchmaker Steve Ward, the show focuses on his efforts to navigate a group of women through a dating "boot camp" to help them find the men of their dreams.  This is also one of DJ's favorite TV shows.