About DJ's Random Thoughts

Welcome to the life of DJ Hamrick.  A born-again Christian and graduate of The Ohio State University, he's been described in many ways, some that may even be true.  In a nutshell, he is simply a guy with lots of random and not-so-random observations of life and the world.  Over the course of his life so far, he's done lots of little things and encountered many people along the way.  Some folks have been good to him, some have not.  Everybody else falls somewhere in between.  He values intelligence, personal integrity and emotional honesty the most and tries to show that in his life and his work.

History of DJRT Important Events - Milestones

 *  August 31, 2007:  DJ starts blogging on the ProgressOhio political website with politically-related blogs
 *  December 7, 2007:  DJ starts blogging about general subjects and life on the predecessor to DJRT simply titled "Random Thoughts" on his Myspace account
 *  June 20, 2009:  DJ's Myspace blog moves to Blogger and officially becomes "DJ's Random Thoughts"
 *  July 19, 2011:  the Facebook page for DJRT is started
 *  November 7, 2011:  the Google Plus page for DJRT is started
 *  January 1, 2012:  the Twitter page for DJRT is started
 *  November 5, 2012:  the web address "djsrandomthoughts.com" goes live
 *  February 21, 2017:  DJ ends the DJ's Random Thoughts blog

Personal note from DJ:  Hello there and thank you for visiting.  DJ's Random Thoughts has been discontinued as of February 2017.   However, the posts will stay up until I can find a way to either save them or migrate them elsewhere, at which point this entire site will be taken down.  That will not be happening for some time, so while it's still here take a look around and read past editions of DJRT.  Take care and God Bless. - DJ